About Connie

Born Consuelo Arroyo Martinez, in Zacatecas State, Mexico, Connie learned quickly that hard work and determination, along with strength from God, would lead to a means of accomplishment. At 9 years old, tragedy struck her family when her father was killed in a trucking accident. By age 13, as a means of survival, she was sent away to work with family in Monterrey, Mexico. Connie came to know the Lord through her brother who led her to an understanding of the Sabbath and the Church of God 7th Day. She learned to lean on God through troubled and difficult times, but she also came to love the Lord with a fervent understanding and devotion.

Immigrating to the US in the early 1960’s, Connie attended the CoG7 in San Antonio, Texas with the Spanish brethren. After her marriage and subsequent move to Austin, Connie attended the Austin CoG7 congregation with the Benjamin Sweet family. Over the next decades, as her large extended family would immigrate to work in the states, many would also join her at Sabbath services. The little church on Eva Street would grow and to meet the need for expansion Connie would lead the ladies’ ministry in their regular “Enchilada Sale Fundraiser.”  Those fundraising sales would lead to a successful catering career with patrons such as Ann Richards (former Governor of Texas) and Laura Bush (former First Lady of Texas and the US). In response to popular demand from her regular customers, Connie began to dream about the possibilities of opening her own restaurant.  

Against impossible odds, she prayed that God would make the way. Connie realized her dream when she opened her restaurant, La Cocina de Consuelo, in August 2004.  She has received numerous awards and recognition from the Austin community for her delicious food. Through much prayer, she remains faithful to God’s direction and continues to serve her family, church, and community. 

Connie lives in Austin, Texas, and has four children (Priscilla, Maria Elena, Rebeca, and Eliazar) and 12 grandchildren, many of whom have worked for her at the restaurant along with her beloved nieces.