About Us

It all started as a church fundraiser in 1983.  Connie ("Consuelo" in Spanish) led the women’s group and started selling enchilada orders to all her clients, co-workers, friends and family. From there, those clients became regular customers. In the early 90’s, it became Connie’s side job and also her enchiladas became well known as “Connie’s Enchiladas.”  Connie was catering parties, weddings, casual dinners and other special events. She catered to Laura Bush, Anne Richards, Amado Pena, and many others.


In the mean time, it was always Connie’s dream to open up her own “kitchen.”  At the turn of the century and at 63 years of age, Connie finally realized her dream. That is how La Cocina de Consuelo came to be. Connie’s own children and nieces are here helping her run the kitchen and to give you the very best service...and especially the best in her food. 

We welcome your suggestions.  Please feel free to share them with us at connie@consueloskitchen.com.


Thank you for being here today and may God bless you!