About La Cocina de Consuelo

Early Stages

Where we are Today!

In the 1980’s, we started a local church fundraiser.  This fundraiser quickly turned into a regular catering event.  By the 1990’s, La Cocina de Consuelo was a full force catering company, and in 2006, we opened our restaurant.  Connie Rodriguez, Consuelo, wanted to share her wonderful enchiladas and other delicious Mexican dishes.  Her desire to mix up the menu and be different is what kept bringing in new customers and continues to do so today.   

Today, Connie is semi-retired.  In 2019, Connie handed down the reigns to her niece, Letty Garcia.  Letty has made sure that nothing has changed so that everyone gets to experience what makes La Cocina de Consuelo special.  Letty continues to work hard, making your favorite Mexican dishes, and does so because she loves to.  Make sure to come see us soon.